"We're All About Gardening!"

We're passionate about bringing quality to your garden!

Our Philosophy

​​We strive to be the best in price and carry the best products we can find to help you the end customer. Stop in you will understand exactly who we are and how we can help. We care about our community and support local businesses. As our motto states, "Our Roots Support a Community"

Our Passion

We are not in business to just sell you any old product. We are in business because this is what we are passionate about. Best in class service, products and solutions to provide you the experience that you have come to expect. So expect one of the most professional  Hydroponic shops in the state of Michigan.

Our Vision

To grow our business with you in mind.  We want to provide you with the best service in the business. We have a vast knowledge of Organics and Hydroponic Products. We are more than capable of designing grow rooms and processing suites to meet the requirements of the State and to help with city approvals. Stop in and find out!

Flower Factory Hydroponics
2730 E. Highland Rd., Highland, MI 48356
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