AACH25 Active Aqua Chiller 1/4 Hp

As the summer months get closer your room temperature will become more difficult to control. In many growing situations spending big money upgrading your air conditioning is not always the best answer it may be easiest and less expensive to simply add an ACTIVE AQUA CHILLER to chill your water. Plant root health can be diminished by high water temperatures any temperature over 67 degrees Fahrenheit can make your root system soft and susceptible to many root borne diseases. Oxygen is also a big factor in a healthy root system the warmer the water temperature surrounding your roots the less capable that water is in holding oxygen. That's right the colder the water the easier it is for that water to hold oxygen but don't get too cold as your plants roots will be slowed in their ability to transport vital nutrients to your plants.

Fresh and saltwater fish tanks also benefit from cooler water on those hot summer days. Growing coral is easily damaged in the summer by high water temperatures These ACTIVE AQUA CHILLERS are great for controlling your aquatic environment.

Active Aqua’s freon-free chillers are environmentally friendly (they use R134a refrigerant) and are ideal for keeping the nutrient solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. Each unit has a user-friendly temperature system, allowing you to control your desired temperature range as needed.



  • Large refrigeration capacity (recommended volume 26-80 gal/100-300 L)
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for both fresh and salt water
  • Rate of flow: 1/4 HP (264–660 GPH, 1000-2500 L/hour)
  • Recommended pumps: AAPW250 or AAPW550
  • Tubing size: 1/2" (HGTB50), 3/4" (HGTB75)
  • Unit Dimensions: 17.6"L x 13"W x 17.3"H
  • For cooling capability, please refer to performance chart found in the product information tab.


Active Aqua Chiller, 1/4 HP

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Please note that the starting ambient temperature of your solution will always affect the duration of the initial chilling process.

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